OSHA Recordkeeping Update: OSHA 300, 301, and 300a Logs and Beyond

Live Webinar

  • 60 minutes

OSHA has released the new Injury Tracking Application (ITA) for electronic injury and illness recordkeeping reporting. However, not everyone is required to submit their records due to specific guidelines for this new ruling. In 2019, OSHA removed the requirements to have covered businesses over 250 employees to submit the 300 and 301 forms. However, they will now require the use of Employee Identification Numbers for better tracking of companies.

Join this session by expert speaker Sheldon Primus, where he will give the attendees a clear understanding of their responsibility for the OSHA electronic recordkeeping submittal process and what to enter as a recordable injury.

Session Highlights:

  • Discovering the where to log electronic records on OSHA’s website

  • Learn the importance of entering only recordable injuries

  • Understand the 29 CFR 1904 regulations regarding recordkeeping

  • Distinguish between what is an OSHA recordable incident and what is not recordable

  • Review the ITA system

  • Understand medical treatment vs. first aid treatment of injuries

  • Learn the proper way to enter injury data in the OSHA 300, 301, and 300A logs

Why You Should Attend:

Attendees of this webinar will be given the tools to:

  • Better understand the OSHA Recordkeeping ruling

  • Gain an understanding of the electronic submittal criteria

  • Overview of the ITA system

  • Understand the future of the OSHA recordkeeping standard

Who Should Attend:

  • CEO or Company Executive

  • Compliance & Safety Officer

  • Director of Risk Management

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Regulatory Compliance Agent

  • Risk Advisor-Insurance Companies

  • General Contractors

  • Process Technicians

  • Warehouse Managers

  • General Employees

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Sheldon Primus

Sheldon Primus

Sheldon Primus is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist with a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Policy. He is a trainer for the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist program of the Alliance Safety Council-Baton Rouge, LA. Sheldon is an authorized OSHA General Industry and Construction trainer for the 10 and 30 hour Outreach program.

Sheldon is the Owner/CEO of Utility Compliance Inc. and its subsidiary, OSHA Compliance Help, a safety consulting, operator training, and a regulatory agency compliance assistance company based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mr. Primus has represented clients in informal conferences with OSHA, conducted numerous compliance trainings, and developed manufacturing sector written programs.

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