Pot, Pitbulls, Parking and Perps: The Pitfalls of Fair Housing today

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Fair Housing laws protect people from discrimination in rental housing. You are not permitted to accept or deny tenants based on their race, gender, or religion. In fact, there are various compliances under this Act like Protected Classes, Non-Protected Classes, Advertising Rules, Rental Criteria, etc. and violation of any of the Provision can attract you an unnecessary lawsuit or fine.

The Fair Housing Laws have changed significantly in the past year and then in recent time when the Pandemic arrived. There’s might be a lot you need to be aware of. The session covers all the Pitfalls of Fair Housing in the present time and the speaker provides all the handy solutions to these pitfalls.

Join this webinar with Anne Sodovsky, where she will provide an overview of the Pitfalls of Fair Housing at this time and how to get out of them easily and effectively.

Session Highlights:

  • Fair Housing laws and ruling have changed significantly in the past year.  Stay updated on:

  • Marijuana – the challenges and complaints we face with smoke entering neighboring apartments 

  • Aggressive Breeds - Yes, a Pit Bull can be a service animal, even if your city/town disallows bulldogs.  

  • We will review the latest rulings on service/emotional support animals

  • Parking issues are one of the most frequently filed complaints.  

  • Learn how to appropriately assign handicapped parking spots

  • Running criminal background checks is a risky business.  

  • Learn what you can and cannot ask, say, and do.

  • Learn how far you can go when investigating/questioning a prospective resident with a felony.  

  • Real-world examples and situations will be shared. 

Why You Should Attend:

The virus will eventually go away, but Fair Housing Compliance is here to stay.  Laws and Rulings change, not knowing current laws is no defense in a court of law. More and more often discrimination claims are filed regarding accommodating requests for reserved parking, allowing Bull and other ‘aggressive” breeds as assistance animals, marijuana use, and how to handle and answer questions from persons who have been incarcerated.  

Who Should Attend:

  • Owners

  •  Regional Managers

  •  Site managers 

  •  Leasing consultants  

  • Company fair housing officers 

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.

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Anne Sadovsky

Anne Sadovsky

Our speaker today has been in the apartment industry five decades and is a former V P of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company. She is a contributing writer for many publications, had earned a Texas Real Estate license and Certified Speaking credentials from the National Speakers Association. She was named one of the top trainers in the industry by MultiHousing News and both the Brainstorming Conference and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas have honored Anne with Legends Awards.

She has flown over three million miles sharing her knowledge and wit, and her success story has been featured in many national magazines including Money, Texas Business and Ladies Home Journal. Anne is multifaceted, offers many topics, shares skills and tools that are life changing, common sense, fun but no nonsense. Anne lives in Dallas with her husband, two funny Chiweinies and two very talkative parrots.

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