Poultry’s Role in Food Security and Sustainability

Live Webinar

  • 60 minutes

Poultry is big business. Rarely a month goes by without some sort of poultry food safety recall. Poultry farms are constantly in the news for questionable practices regarding how poultry are raised, impact on regional water sources, what drugs are fed to them, the environmental impact of manure, egg varieties and pricing, bacterial contamination of eggs, disposal of dead poultry and a variety of other factors impacting the industry’s ability to meet poultry product demand and environmental sustainability requirements.

This webinar will look at poultry’s role in food security and sustainability. While companies can supply poultry, eggs and poultry products in many forms, large poultry flocks are often threatened by disease outbreaks (avian influenza), regional legislation, and consumer demands for “caged”, “natural”, “free range” and other continuously changing factors.

Join this session by expert speaker John Ryan, where he will cover some of the most critical issues facing our need for a secure and sustainable poultry production effort

Session Highlights:

  • Understand the risks and issues associated with poultry food security and sustainability

  • Review of poultry USDA rules

  • Understand a significant new approach to protecting ground water from manure pollution

  • Look at how blockchain will improve poultry and poultry product certification and traceability

  • Understand consumer willingness to pay more for sustainability

  • Review how companies are working on implementing sustainability solutions

  • Understand bird welfare and disposal concerns

  • Food security and sustainability

  • Poultry market data

  • USDA Poultry Rules

  • Feed Issues

  • Bird welfare

  • Poultry production blockchain traceability and certification

  • Consumer sustainability concerns and willingness to pay more

  • WHO food security findings

  • A model poultry manure processing operation (water contamination prevention)

  • Ecological Impact of heavy metals, trace antibiotics and hormones

  • Small scale poultry production

Why You Should Attend:

Poultry plays a most critical role in terms of food security and environmental sustainability. While many food suppliers are diligently attacking food security and sustainability issues on a world-wide basis, the poultry industry is perceived as failing to meet new demands. Disruptions to the poultry industry can have drastic impact on whether the industry can survive local or international disruptions. With traceability, labeling, environmental pressures, legal requirements, tariffs, and other pressures mounting, food supply chains from consumers and retail and restaurant outlets down through feed suppliers need to be continuously informed regarding problems and events surrounding poultry as a sustainable and secure food source.

Who Should Attend:

  • Poultry product procurement personnel

  • U.S. food processors, distributors, retailers and restaurant chains

  • Restaurant and retail inventory control and buyers

  • Foreign food producers, importers and exporters

  • Food safety and quality specialists

  • All registered food facilities involved with poultry products

  • Domestic poultry product receivers and foreign suppliers to U.S. markets

  • Poultry growers, packers, handlers, transporters

  • Processing, carrier and distributor Facility owners and managers

  • Poultry importers, handlers, growers, and packers

  • Process and facility sanitation and maintenance personnel

  • Company compliance officers

  • Internal and External Auditors

  • Restaurant and food retail store owners and managers

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John  Ryan

John Ryan

Dr. John Ryan is a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) specializing in food safety process control and food safety plan validation.  He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods and has extensive international manufacturing quality and operations experience in large and small manufacturing operations and he is a retired Hawaii State Department of Agriculture Quality Assurance Division administrator.  He currently operates two business divisions focused on food safety system validation (http://www.RyanSystems.com) and transportation controls (http://www.SanitaryColdChain.com). 

He is the author of “Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation:  Controls, Standards and Practices.” He has previously published books covering food fraud, teams and teamwork and has recently completed a new book on validating preventive controls in food operations.

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