Predicting Warranty Expense Using Reliability Model

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Manufacturers design and develop products based on an expected product lifetime (i.e. Useful Life). During the Product Development process, progressive manufacturers conduct extensive reliability testing to minimize the risk that products will fail prematurely. Key factors to consider are the usage environment as well as how customers use the product.  Despite these efforts, unexpected failures may occur due to design flaws, manufacturing process changes, excessive variation, or a misunderstanding of the product use environment. Premature failures alienate customers and significantly impair brand and company reputations. It can also increase litigation risks. Field failure data should be tracked and modeled to forecast future failures and identify emerging issues that present financial risks to the organization.

Joinus for this webinar with expert speaker Steven Wachs, wherehe will discuss how you can use failure data to predict expectedfuture failures, proactively drive quality and reliability improvementand react quickly to emerging issues.

Session Highlights:

This webinar will provide specific knowledge required to develop a forecast of future expected failures both within the warranty period and beyond.  Although the software will be typically used for this task, the underlying concepts and methods are explained in some detail.  Participants will be equipped to apply life data analyses to forecast future failures as well as handle common modeling issues such as the presence of non-homogeneous groups in the data.

Key elements of the presentation include:

  • Making use of field failure data to develop models to predict future failures

  • Developing a Warranty Forecast using Reliability Analysis Methods (e.g. Weibull Analysis)

  • Accounting for Model Uncertainty

  • Identification of Non-Homogeneous groups in the data and account for the impact on the forecast

Why You Should Attend:

  • Predict warranty costs

  • Accrue for future liabilities

  • Set appropriate warranty periods

  • Forecast spare parts requirements

  • Identify emerging product issues

  • Manage customer expectations and customer relationships

  • Drive product robustness improvements

Who Should Attend:

  • Product Development Personnel

  • Product Engineers / Managers / Executives

  • Finance Staff

  • Reliability Professionals

  • Quality Personnel

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Steven Wachs

Steven Wachs

Steven Wachs has 25 years of wide-ranging industry experience in both technical and management positions. Steve has worked as a statistician at Ford Motor Company where he has extensive experience in the development of statistical models, reliability analysis, designed experimentation, and statistical process control.

Steve is currently a Principal Statistician at Integral Concepts, Inc. where he assists manufacturers in the application of statistical methods to reduce variation and improve quality and productivity. He also possesses expertise in the application of reliability methods to achieve robust and reliable products as well as to estimate and reduce warranty. In addition to providing consulting services, Steve regularly conducts workshops in industrial statistical methods for companies worldwide.

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