Project Management Features of Microsoft Outlook That Catapults Your Team to the Top

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Getting team members on the same wave length, channeling their energy, and keeping them on track to finish on time takes meticulous planning and execution. In the planning and execution phase of projects, Microsoft Outlook is a valid and valuable tool. There is no need to purchase additional, expensive project management software. The first step is to evaluate how your team members are using Microsoft Outlook. If they are using Microsoft Outlook mainly to send and receive email, they are leaving about 85% of the power of Microsoft Outlook unused.

By using Microsoft Outlook to improve project functioning, project teams have built in motivation to stay on track with reminders that can pop up periodically to kick-start self-discipline. With these techniques, the project manager knows the stage of each project piece. Using Microsoft Outlook as a project planning tool is a win/win situation. The instruction includes how to use:

  • Email in conjunction with the Task folder to facilitate the organization of project emails

  • Quick Steps to speed up communication

  • Rules to automatically route project information

Join this session by expert speaker Karla Brandau, where she will learn how the Inbox and Calendar folders work in tandem with the Task folder, overcoming hurdles that delay projects and creating a methodical way to meet deadlines. With Task folder features, you, as the project manager, can receive up-to-date information on the status of completion for assigned tasks for each team member.

Session Highlights:

  • Launch, track, and manage projects with crystal clear purposes and goals

  • Set realistic deadlines with built-in checkpoints

  • Learn how to use powerful Microsoft Outlook Project Management features

  • Use Microsoft Outlook Project Management features to keep projects moving efficiently forward

  • Customize Tasks to easily track progress on assignments from multiple team members

  • Keep on top of projects with status updates

  • Take advantage of prioritization and categorization features in Tasks

  • Use the Tasks folder as a project goal setting tool

  • Make additional Task folders for major projects

  • Customize column headings in the Task folders enabling the user to view project-relevant information

  • Use Tasks and the Calendar in tandem to finish projects on time

  • Set reminders

  • Customize reminder windows with REAL information

  • Use the To-Do Bar to maintain focus

  • Assign tasks

  • Record details and time spent on each project task

  • Use automatic status updates

  • Document each goal with the start date, end date and mini-tracking deadlines

Why You Should Attend:

If you would like your team to be more productive and keep on top of their project deadlines, sign the entire team up for this webinar. They will learn the secrets of making Outlook a tool for exponential productivity and your unit will gain company-wide recognition for completing projects on time.

The training in this webinar helps project professionals launch, track, and manage projects with crystal clear deadlines and built-in checkpoints. The instruction highlights little used but powerful Microsoft Outlook features and documents the benefits of efficiently using them to keep projects moving forward to successful conclusions. By implementing the techniques, your project team will be better equipped for the challenges of the ‘do more with less’ business environment of the 21st century.

Who Should Attend:

Every project team member who has Microsoft Outlook installed on their desktop or laptop and feel like they are spinning their wheels trying to achieve more, should attend this webinar. This webinar is specifically designed for:

  • Team leaders

  • Team members

  • Project managers

  • Engineers

  • Group leads

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Karla Brandau

Karla Brandau

Karla Brandau is a leading authority on personal and team productivity in the workplace. She specializes in combining the power of time management with Microsoft Outlook features as a tool to help individuals “get it all done” in less time.

She is the CEO of Workplace Power Institute ( and she has educated managers with her proven time management and Microsoft Outlook productivity systems in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America. Over 85% of the organizations who hire Karla, invite her back for repeat engagements. 

She has a degree in education and is a Certified Speaking Professional, an earned designation given by National Speakers Association.  

Karla’s time management with Microsoft Outlook workbook, “Have More Day at the End of Your Day”, is a valuable guide for anyone wanting to know how to use the power of Microsoft Outlook to leave work on time.

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