Reimagining Leadership Programs To Focus On Academic Achievement and Career Development

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  • 60 minutes

Leadership is an art which gives an individual the power to persuade others and create a high-impact on the environment they want to influence. When an individual finally discovers the leader within oneself that is when strategic and focused ideas begin to flourish in his/her mind.

Leadership skills need to be taught both inside and outside the classroom, and a well-executed student leadership program can help you evolve the leaders of tomorrow. By doing so, you can help future leaders to discover and apply themselves in real-world scenarios and portray the persuasive power of their leadership abilities.

Join us in this webinar to learn about leadership course development and how you can begin to engage active learning and dialogue in your school curriculum by following best practices in student leadership programs.

Key Features of the Conference

The true purpose of a leadership program is to promote the development of leadership skills at an early age that can help students transform into leaders. But, what are these skills and how can they be applied?

The answer is to inculcate high impact leadership practices in your education programs that have been demonstrated to positively influence academic performance, persistence and graduation.

Learn how to formulate and execute a leadership program with leadership best practices into student curriculums to promote the ideation of focused thoughts and strategies that ultimately promote student success.

This session by expert speaker Dr. Adam Peck will teach you how you can design and implement a successful and effective student leadership program at your workplace with the use of high-impact practices to spearhead active and collaborative learning.

The session will also discuss data from Project CEO, which will show how you can impact students’ minds with co-curricular leadership experiences that enhance the development of skills which are most desired by employers.

Since most stakeholders expect returns on their investment in every program (both academic and non-academic), this session will also help leadership educators to target desired outcomes in leadership programs that will prove the effectiveness such programs in the real-world.

The session will discuss Key Topics such as:

  • Learn to apply the six attributes of effective high-impact practices to student leadership programs

  • Help faculty and student affairs staff design effective leadership experiences that capitalize on the benefits of active/collaborative learning

  • Expose attendees to best practices in student leadership programs

  • Identify strategies for collaborating with internal and external constituents to build effective leadership programs

Who Can Benefit From This Conference?

  • Leadership Educators

  • Student Activities Staff

  • Entry-Level Student Affairs Professionals

  • Mid-Level Student Affairs Professionals

  • Senior-Level Student Affairs Professionals

  • 2 & 4-year institutions

  • Student Services/AffairsFaculty (full and part-time)

  • Student Leaders

  • Campus Activities Coordinators

  • Student Government Organization

  • Human Resource Professionals

Dr. Adam Peck

Dr. Adam Peck

Dr. Adam Peck has served as Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas since 2008 and has been a student affairs practitioner for more than 20 years. In addition to this, he is President and CEO of APEX Educational Programs, a consulting firm specializing in developing strategies for institutions to increase engagement with their students. He is the author of more than twenty scholarly articles, five book chapters and has presented more than fifty national and international webinars.

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