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17 killed and over 14 injuries from the latest mass shooting at a high school is a wakeup call for all schools and campus to embrace training for emergency preparedness.

The deadly phase of an active shooter in your school/campus is over in the first four to eight minutes, statistically before the police can arrive and deploy. This means your employees are the first responders. An active shooter incident will unfold at lightning speed in terrifying conditions. The fatal flaw: your current response does not address the lethal first four to eight minutes for your employees to respond and your emergency team to take command.

In this webinar expert speaker Bo Mitchell will give you a profile of the perpetrator, their possible motives and how to plan and prepare your employees on how to stay safe.

Session Highlights:

  • How do you plan for tactical response?

  • How do you train your employees for a tactical response?

  • Should we arm employees?

  • Should we train and/or drill students? Parents?

  • What are the laws and regulations applicable to our planning and training?

  • What are the larger causes of these lethal events in your workplace?

  • What is our liability exposure for NOT doing this right? For not doing it at all?

  • How do you overcome the denial in your administration regarding real planning and training?

Why You Should Attend:

This session will equip you with insights on the plans that you and the employees should make, the training and exercises for this unforeseeable emergency on the rise. This webinar will help you to learn vital information on policies, procedures, best practices, and the law regarding every employer’s responsibility to prevent, protect, and respond to active shooter and workplace violence incidents.

Who Should Attend:

  • Top Management & Heads of School & Campus

  • Facilities Professionals 

  • Security Professionals 

  • Safety Professionals 

  • Emergency & Compliance Officers 

  • Supervisors

Ask your question directly from our expert during the Q&A session following the live event.

Bo Mitchell

Bo Mitchell

Bo Mitchell, CEM, CPP, CBCP, CHCM, CHSP, CHS-V, CSSM, CSHM, CFC, CIPS, CSC, CAS, TFCT3, CERT, CMC, CHEP served as Police Commissioner of Wilton, CT for 16 years. After his retirement in 2001, he founded 911 Consulting which creates and provides emergency plan training and exercises for organisations like MasterCard HQ, GE HQ, H&R Block HQ, Hyatt HQ and 29 colleges, universities and PK-12 schools nationwide. Bo has 20 certifications in organisational safety and security, homeland security, etc. He is also an expert advisor in national landmark court cases.

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