USDA Final Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Label Rule

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  • 60 minutes

The need for GMO labeling has been a hot topic for over 15 years. Scientific inquiry regarding the safety of GMO products has generated more questions that have been answered and has added fuel to the controversy. After extensive review and industry input, the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law) PL114-216) was signed into law in July 2016. The rules impact many types of food including beef, dairy products, breakfast cereals, and others often not commonly associated with GMO ingredients by consumers. Beginning in February 2019, food manufacturers, importers, and retailers must disclose the presence of ingredients or foods made from or containing genetically engineered ingredients when the bioengineered percent exceeds 5 percent.

In this webinar join expert speaker John Ryan, where he will discuss the clear label information regarding the presence of bioengineered ingredients. The new rules are designed to provide consumers with clear information and consistently labeled product. Understanding how the GMO Label Rules apply to your products is critical in order to avoid recalls.

Session Highlights:

  • Understand the Rules

  • Review Rule Definitions

  • Plan label change implementation immediately

  • Compliance with mandatory deadlines based on company size

  • Know your label options

  • Understand the exemptions

  • Detectability Issues

  • Record Keeping Requirements

  • Basic Rule Requirements

  • Implementation and Compliance (voluntary and mandatory)

  • Determining Your Company Requirements and Plan

  • Analytical Testing and Validation

  • Responsibility for and Type of Disclosures

  • Placement of disclosure

  • Use of your company URL

  • Small and very small packaging

  • Bulk containers

Why You Should Attend:

In order to provide consumers with trust in labeling, transparency, education and other factors, if your product contains greater than 5% of ingredients that were bioengineered, product labeling must contain the appropriate mandatory labeling. This webinar will provide you and your staff with disclosure methods, implementation deadlines, labels, printed text, scanning information, web address and text messaging designed to be sent directly to consumer mobile devices that disclose product GMO information.

Who Should Attend:

  • Food Retail and Restaurant Operations

  • CEOs, VP and Director Level Personnel in food companies impacted by the rules

  • Food Safety and Quality Team Members

  • Quality System Personnel

  • Labeling and packaging personnel

  • Operations and compliance personnel

  • Documentation, data, management analysis and recall team members

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John  Ryan

John Ryan

Dr. John Ryan is a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) specializing in food safety process control and food safety plan validation.  He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods and has extensive international manufacturing quality and operations experience in large and small manufacturing operations and he is a retired Hawaii State Department of Agriculture Quality Assurance Division administrator.  He currently operates two business divisions focused on food safety system validation ( and transportation controls ( 

He is the author of “Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation:  Controls, Standards and Practices.” He has previously published books covering food fraud, teams and teamwork and has recently completed a new book on validating preventive controls in food operations.

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